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Lacey has a huge task ahead of her. She has her boy toy stashed in the bedroom closet while her husband is home. It won’t be too hard to sneak around though, because Lacey has memorized her husband’s routine and knows when he is coming and going. Lacey is tactful throughout this process, as she brings Tommy to every spot in the house to fuck, even the laundry room.

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Lacey Duvalle, Sucks and Fucks!

by Glamour Models Gone Bad

You just gotta love the audio on this video, that enough would get me off! Lacey Duvalle is just all over this guys cock I have no idea how he does not blow when she jumps up and rides his cock!

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Lacey Duvalle All Them Curves Get Hit!


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Lacey Duvalle I just love her facial expression on this one!

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Lacey Duvalle getting it on once again, all them curves, those huge tits that wet juicy pussy! Lacey just knows and love how to fuck this set shows that big time! Another great shoot from “Glamour Models Gone Bad“!

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Lacey Duvalle, The Professor Gets Some!


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After watching the video clip I had to laugh a bit, here we have a piece of ass Lacey Duvalle a girl who knows how to throw it down, and this white guys is fucking her like she is going to run away at anytime, lol come on dude slow down take your time and let Lacey take over!

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Lacey Duvalle Rides That Cock Hard!


Have you ever banged a super hot black chick in back of your wife’s SUV? No, yea me neither but no worries dude we can just watch Lacey Duvalle show us how it’s done, she rides that cock hard, I just love me some Lacey!

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Lacey Duvall Blow Job In The Kitchin!


Lacey Duvall noticed Ramon’s bulge in his bathing suit and took him inside the house to fuck and suck his big cock, she gets right on her knees and works her oral talents!

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How About Some Vintage Lacey Duvalle!


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Found an older set of Lacey Duvalle and wow she looks good a bit too thin maybe? Anyway great stuff she gets it on with the BBC and take a nice load on her chest!

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